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Green Materials LLC is working to replace non-biodegradable, synthetic plastics with new materials that are plant-based, biodegradable, inexpensive, and can degrade easily in a marine environment. The company has developed processing technologies that will enable sustainable short-duration-of-use disposables (trays, utensils, etc.) to be manufactured inexpensively and in high volume for large markets. Green Materials is addressing a pressing environmental problem that has the attention of commercial interests because of growing awareness and consumer preferences. The market is huge. It exceeds 200 million tons a year and is growing at an annual rate of 5%.

The advantages are numerous:
• Product can be manufactured using readily available agricultural by-products, eliminating need to synthesize new polymer • Lower cost than the synthetic polymers or materials they replace • Attractive mechanical and environmental properties • Standard injection molding equipment has been adapted and is being used to produce parts • Manufacturing process is energy efficient (processing temperatures are low and cycle times are short)

The company has patents issued and others pending.